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by GM[Jack]

We Found Out that there was A BIG ABUSE of one bug which allowed players to extract gems from the Starter Set in NPC... So Many players ABUSED of this to take advantage over MALLERS by selling high lvl gems for their IMPs, also get tons of money and FORGE theirselves a lot. So we consider that this need a SERIOUS PUNISHMENT. Despite we TRIED to find a solution for this, we COULD NOT find any other than WIPE the server once more in order to clear all this mess done by SOME STUPID PLAYERS. Also all KNOWN PLAYERS who DID ABUSE of this, will be banned from server and i Will keep looking for ANY players who used this bug to take any advantage over other players and will be banned too. So if you are one of them better confess right now or if you try to start over after servers WIPE you may get banned too without any notification...

Anyway to all those Fair Play Players that have nothing to do with this, I hope you understand and we really sorry about this SHIT. I will try to compensate it Somehow in game

Video Contest!
by GM[Jack]

Hello Guys.. we will make a Video Contest Event in order to bring more players and prizes will be IMPs

Make a cool video about the server that must contains the following things:
*All Server Features
*PK In Mazes
*Farming Money
*Farming Gems (Bossing, Chesting,Others)
*Ending time -> 15 April

The most Creatives Videos will be selected for rank 1-3 winners and recive IMPs
1st Place -> 400
2nd Place -> 300
3rd Place -> 200

Remember to share our server and invite all your friends.. Have Fun

Item Mall/Award Centar Open(Double Imps Promo)
by GM[Jack]

Hello Item Mall Open!
*Double Promo Imps Open: It will end 10.04.2020

*Some Items Added for Now next week coming more!
Enjoy! :D @everyone

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