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February Updates!
by GM[Jack]

Hello February Updates Finish!!!
*Added Fury Wepons for DS!!
*New Map Chaos Icicle!!
*First Pk Map for DS Chaos War!!
*Hell Chapter Guide Npc Added!
*New Easy boss in Mine - Behemoth
*Kal Exchanger Nerfed so now you need 200 Woods for 1 Kal!
*Glow Npc Coming tomorrow!
*In Mod Stealth Disabled

*Balance Log!
*Voy- Hp,Def Increased!
*SM- Hp,Def Increased!
*SS- Rousing Skill give more aspd and also increased little bit hp!
*Cleric- Increased SP Little bit!!

Server Online!

Balance Update[7.2.20]
by GM[Jack]

Balance Changelogs After Restart:

-Champs Slightly decreased max and Def

-Crusaders and SS Max has been Increased

-Herbalists Class (SM/Cler) Bolt and Heal Have been increased

-Clerics Max SP Increased/ Def slightly increased

-SM Max HP have been increased/ Def Slightly Increased

-SM Abyss Mire Slow Effect is now working good

-Voys Def have Been Increased/ Bolt and Conch Damage have been increased

-Voys Tornado effect is always 100% now

-Magics uns95 Armor PR has been increased from 27-28 to 35
-Talents Effect have been updated due to new balances
You may log in Enjoy...

Item Mall/Award Centar Open(Double Imps Promo)
by GM[Jack]

AWARD CENTER IS OPEN.. now you can vote for credits and get interesting items .. we highly recommend you to take a look on it.. Also there will be credit auctions very often so stay tuned and keep voting..

After 2 weeks Item Mall open you can mall and support our server!!
*Double Imps Event Is Online
Event will be ending 08/02/2020
Join us!!

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